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About Us

Kind To You is a lifestyle brand, aiming to do just that – be Kind To You. We aim to provide our customers with natural products, that are earth friendly and best of all people friendly.

Self-kindness is an important part of healthy living that should be incorporated into the rhythm of life.
Without it, we will sooner or later pay the price. Why not start off by being kind to your skin and body by using Kind to You Collagen!

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Our philosophy

Kind to you aims to bring you products that are natural and cruelty free. We would like to spread kindness not just to you, but to the planet and all her inhabitants.

Kind to you also wants you to be your best self, if that means going on a health journey with us or just to add small things to your current lifestyle, we are here to help you achieve that. 


Tania Löhrke Pheiffer

Tania is a successful business owner. She has an award-winning spa in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg and is passionate about health and self-care. Her journey started in a home salon and has evolved into a holistic spa of international standards.

Odette Löhrke

Odette is a former chef and knows the hospitality industry well. She and her husband both require special diets for health conditions. Her passion for food and cooking has led her on an interesting journey in healthy cooking and creating recipes suitable for many dietary requirements. She believes that food is medicine when consumed correctly.

Kind To You Hydrolysed Collagen

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Neutral Taste Options

Scoop into a glass of water if you like – it really tastes like nothing and dissolves completely!

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Natural products, that are earth friendly and best of all people friendly.

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Added Vit C/Baobab

Combining the synergy of both collagen and vitamin C, you will get added benefits to your skin health.

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